Peak Nutritional Products wants to be your liquid supplement manufacturer.

Our team of R&D, flavor specialist and QA/QC experts have the experience required for seamless formula development, bottling, packaging, and shipping of your product.

Our attention to detail at every stage of manufacturing is unsurpassed in the industry, and our QC/QA practices are among the most fastidious in the industry.

If you possess a new liquid concept, or if you are inspired by an existing product, our R&D team and staff flavor chemist can develop the right formula for you to reach the masses.

Peak Nutritional Products manufactures a seemingly endless variety of the highest quality non-carbonated, non-refrigerated liquid products such as:

  • Vitamin Shots
  • Relaxation Shots
  • Nootropic Shots
  • Beauty Liquids

or contact us with your Custom Formulation Today!

  • Pre-Workout Liquids
  • Recovery Liquids

Reach out to us to discuss your products and how we can help you succeed.