When the reputation of your brand demands a manufacturer who is focused on quality manufacturing and customer service…


We are a contract manufacturer of vitamins, supplements and minerals located in Tampa Florida. We are a CGMP FDA registered facility. We manufacture tablets, capsules, powders and liquids. We are the actual manufacturer, we are not a middleman marketing company, and in fact we do not market anything we manufacture. We are not your competition.

We want to become your manufacturing partner.

The Peak Philosophy

We focus solely on manufacturing.

We leave the marketing side of the business up to our customers.

We feel it is important that our customers understand that we are not a marketing company, we don’t market anything we manufacture, we only market our manufacturing services. Our customers never have to worry about Peak competing with them. We feel that this would put our customers at a disadvantage being we are the manufacturer and our price would always be lower than theirs. This allows them to market their brand with the peace of mind knowing we will never copy what success they have built with their brand and undercut their prices. Their formulas are their formulas, we will gladly sign a NDA to ensure that the hard work and creativity that they have put into their brand will not be ripped off by a manufacturer who also markets their own brand.

Ready to manufacture with the experts?