Many hand makers in the supplement manufacturing have problems with outsourcing their formula to the mass producers. Here are some tips that will help!

Private manufacturing is hard. First, you struggle to get some sales going, but as you grow, problems with demand happen. Your formula may be good, but if you can’t deliver high quantities and keep your customers happy, you need to take the next step and expand.

Usually, you’ll need to find nutraceutical manufacturer that is reliable and that will continue your and expand your private label supplements. If you want your formula to be smartly outsourced, you need to follow these steps and adjust them to your own unique situation.

First step: Know your formula in details!

The first step you must perform to assure supplement manufacturing from a company is to have a final formula. If it isn’t 100% complete, then the chemist can’t confirm it nor transfer to their type of measure. Thus, you need to take care and register the info like the equipment used, temperature, the order of materials added, simply every little step of the day needs to be remembered, so record it. This will get you ready and make you look professional for the private label manufacturing.

Second Step: Get to know the rules of ownership.

Usually, when you present a 100% ready formula to any nutraceutical manufacturer, you will own the formula and he will own the manufacturing processes. However, that is why the first step is extremely important. You must be sure that your formula is ready, because if the manufacturer needs to do some changes, he will own those changes. So, always have a 100% ready formula before you even go into talks and start negotiating.

Third Step: Carefully select the manufacturer.

Don’t go for the private label manufacturing company that fits your financial needs. They may destroy your ideas and vision for the supplements you create. Thus, search and find the right company that will fit your ideas and vision. You need to continue working with this company, so avoid companies with no or little experience, and work with labs that are professional and that have all the needed ingredients to get the production of private label supplements going.

Step 4: Acquire Extra Money.

Getting a company that will outsource you can be hard. What is even harder is finding the funds to keep the search and lab development going. There are tons of expenses related to finding the right formula, testing, lab fees, the development time etc. Be ready for at least 1-3 months of hard work and expenses, so plan your budget accordingly. You’ll need extra money, but that becomes totally worth it when you outsource your own formula to a manufacturer.

If everything goes well and you pick the right nutraceutical manufacturer, things can be life changing and your business can go to a whole other level. So, follow the steps closely, work smart and hard, and you will most certainly succeed.