What are Private Label Products?

Products that are generally manufactured or provided by one company and then labeled with the brand of another company are referred to as private label products. Sometimes referred to as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, these products can generate a profitable revenue stream for your business and, if properly handled, can not only offer your business additional product lines for sale, but also a higher level of credibility and trust buyers. At PEAK, we are strictly a manufacturer, we do not market anything we make.

The vitamin and nutritional supplement industry is a beacon for growth. For those private label vendors who are ready to overcome the intricate rules and regulations, the growing level of competition and the high barriers to entry for these products in the Amazon market, vitamins and dietary supplements symbolize a lucrative opportunity.

Narrow Down Your Product Options and Look for a Brand Manufacturer

Before you search for a manufacturer from which you can source your vitamins and supplements, you should review your list of ideas to get a realistic range of products in this category that you would like to sell. Do you want to sell vitamins, supplements or both? Would you like to specialize in holistic medicine, herbal supplements, fitness products or a mixture?

If you are looking for the right supplier to meet your individual needs, you should investigate. You can also visit trade shows in your geographic area to exchange face-to-face with different manufacturers. For consumer products such as vitamins and dietary supplements, look for manufacturers that meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). You can start manufacturing with PEAK. We are a contract manufacturer of vitamins, supplements and minerals based in Tampa, Florida. We are an FDA registered CGMP facility.

Create a Brand Concept and Design

Talk to each supplier about your specific vision for your formula, your logo, your product name, your product labels, your bottles and your packaging to make sure they can implement your ideas. Experienced manufacturers provide samples for testing and marketing purposes to ensure that both parties are aligned with the final product and packaging.

Of the best practices outlined above, it is important to be transparent to customers when working with products that they will consume. Provide comprehensive information and any additional benefits or features that help customers make and trust their buying decisions.