Over a year into a global pandemic, it’s no wonder people are thinking about their health and their nutrition in new ways. But in spite of COVID-19, current trends are indicative of significant, long-time changes in consumer interest and awareness in dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. Increased awareness of chronic diseases and therapy trends has led to more wide-spread education about the benefits of good nutrition in a variety of common ailments. And personalized nutrition has taken the fitness industry by storm, providing insight into how nutraceuticals can help people meet their nutritional and exercise goals.

Fitness & Therapy Trends

Health trends are often key contributors in the growth of the nutraceutical industry because not only do people think differently about what they are putting in their body, but they are also looking for new vehicles with which to achieve proper nutrition. Current fitness trends lend themselves to fortified on-the-go foods, ensuring people can get out the door and on their way to the gym more quickly. Meanwhile, home therapy trends have more people treating common ailments without the use of prescribed pharmaceuticals, putting an emphasis on nutrition as an essential part of home remedy. Both of these trends are stimulating the nutraceutical market.

Increased awareness of chronic diseases

With a wide variety of health information and medical records available via the internet, people are growing more aware of their own health and the steps necessary to preventing and staving off chronic diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even allergies. Because nutraceuticals can help target specific aspects of one’s health, such as the immune system, people are more receptive to using them as a long-term supplement to support these chronic diseases.

Personalized Medicine and Nutrition

Now, more than ever, people want insight into their own personal health, and they want a medicinal and nutritional approach that meets their unique needs. Easily accessible medical records keep one’s health on the forefront of one’s mind. People are taking control of their own health because they know more about their bodies and their nutritional deficiencies. Thus, consumer awareness of what’s necessary for improved health and nutrition is leading to growth in the nutraceutical market.