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A positive outcome of the pandemic is more people are seeking to take control of their health. This includes speaking up about mental health issues, exercising, and turning to vitamins, minerals, and supplements to help manage conditions without the use of prescription drugs. This has caused a boom in the nutraceutical market post-pandemic that cannot be ignored. 

In a recent article in Nutraceutical Business Review titled, “Bottling the feel good factor: the future of nutraceuticals,” Joanna Thurston and Georgia Mann write about how more and more people are turning to nutraceuticals as a way to take responsibility for their health. As a manufacturer of nutraceuticals,  Peak Nutritional Products wanted to give you a closer look at their findings about the future of nutraceuticals. 

Over the counter supplements and a healthier lifestyle

The pandemic truly was a wake-up-call for many people who were not leading the healthiest of lifestyles. Many people around the world are adopting a better diet, more exercise, and supplementing with vitamins and minerals as a way to improve their overall wellbeing.

The article notes this and says that it is evidenced by the increase in demand for OTC nutraceuticals: 

Often, these off-the-shelf remedies are used in combination with a healthier lifestyle. As such, players in the VMS market have seen a spike in demand; some companies have been looking to reformulate and rebrand existing products to highlight their benefits in this area and meet demand for specific ailments such as anxiety or a lack of sleep.” 

In order to “rebrand” an existing supplement on the market, you need a manufacturer who can handle bottling and labeling in-house. Learn more about Peak’s in-house packaging solutions here

A great time for innovation in nutraceuticals 

Creating a new and innovative product in the nutraceutical space is difficult because many vitamins, minerals, and supplements are what are known as “traditional” and cannot be patented. But creating a patentable nutraceutical, sports nutritional product, pre workout, powder, or other supplement is not impossible. 

According to the article, formulation is key to manufacturing a patentable nutraceutical product:

“One way to achieve this is through the reformulation of ingredients such that the finished product itself (actives, carriers, etc.) is new and offers some unexpected advantage. One way to show this is to demonstrate synergic or other benefits.”

Peak works with clients to create custom formulations for their products. Thorough planning will set the foundation for the successful development of your dietary supplement. Our team and our facility is ready to help you innovate in the nutraceutical space and create a product that is successful and takes advantage of this renewed interest in the market. 

Peak Nutritional Products for all your nutraceutical needs

The article in Nutraceutical Business Review makes it clear: there is a renewed interest in the nutraceutical market and now is the time to innovate and get your product on the shelves. You need a manufacturing partner who will work with you on your formulation, production, and packaging to help your product stand out in the crowd. Contact Peak today to schedule your free consultation!

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