Creating your own private label supplements business is easy when you know where to look, how to manage, and where you can sell. If you’re willing to do the work and research, you’ll find that selling those private label supplements is easy. Always make sure to put in the work it takes in order to sell, and don’t think that the platform will do all the work for you! Let’s take a look at the 3 best places where you can sell these supplements.

The Two-Tier Umbrella

In short, there are two ways you can start selling your private label supplements. You can choose to go on a marketplace that’s owned by someone else (such as eBay or Amazon), or you can create your own website. When you sell online, it’s not much different than having your own kiosk or physical location. 

Having your own website – you have full control over percentages, payments, the look and design, and how many you stock. Unfortunately, that also comes with immense responsibility and a bit more marketing knowledge on your end. You can even use somewhere like Shopify to help you sell your private label supplements.

The pros of having your own website:

  • Absolute control over branding
  • You can communicate as you wish
  • You can set your own fees
  • You can hire whomever, wherever, and for how much you want to spend
  • You’re the only listed brand on your own website
  • You can have your store and website in one simple place

The cons of having your own website:

  • You have full responsibility which can be tough
  • No natural foot traffic – you have to create your own
  • Must hire someone to market or have extensive marketing knowledge to be successful
  • Can be costly to build a professional storefront + brand yourself

eBay – also known as the world’s shopping mall, you can brand yourself on here, too, but you don’t have as much freedom when it comes to the percentage cuts that ebay asks for, and you basically have to pay a fee that some call “rent”.

The pros of selling on eBay:

  • You have a little bit of flexibility to brand yourself
  • Foot traffic is fantastic in comparison with other websites
  • You can offer a fixed price or have others bid
  • Easy to use and offers a quick setup

The cons of selling on eBay:

  • There are an incredible number of sellers
  • You have very limited control
  • Seller fees can become quite costly
  • Private policies update a lot for these types of sites

Amazon – an extremely popular online marketplace, Amazon makes it easy for all types of brands – small and large – to start selling their private label supplements. You can even get to the level where you send your products to Amazon and they ship it out for you. When you’re truly successful enough with your private label supplements, you can basically get everything taken care of for you – this is a huge benefit to using Amazon over eBay. 

The pros of selling on Amazon:

  • The most popular solution for ecommerce brands in the United States
  • Can offer your customers Amazon Prime shipping so they receive product much faster
  • Comparison shopping is automatically built-in on the website – look better against competitors
  • Reputation for selling is much better than eBay

The cons of selling on Amazon

  • You virtually have little control
  • Barely any interaction with customers
  • It can be tough to get approved
  • Hefty fees towards Amazon

At the end of the day, it’s about how much control you want and need, while knowing what your future brand requires. These websites may not work for everyone, and it’s often that we see brands selling private label supplements that fail because they don’t put in the proper work to get their business started. Don’t become a statistic.