As nutrition goes, protein gets a lot of attention for its key role in popular diet trends. After all, adult men need at least 56 grams, while adult women need 46 grams. Protein offers your body unique benefits that help you look and feel better, but a deficiency can lead to hair and nail problems, loss of muscle mass, and in kids, stunted growth. Protein is often associated with fish, beef, and eggs. But it is also prevalent in nuts, seeds, and legumes. Nutraceutical manufacturers use high-quality ingredients from these sources when creating protein powders for the supplement market, and the benefits they bring to consumers is well documented.

Recover After a Workout and Build Lean Muscle

Protein is one of the essential building blocks for the entire body, from bones and muscles to skin and hair. For years, studies have shown that protein supplements can increase muscle growth in all ages and genders, making them the preferred supplement for athletes. Nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors alike recommend protein supplements for this purpose, and it’s even been shown to sustain healthy muscles in the elderly, a community which already trends toward deficiency.

Satisfy Hunger and Reduce Snacking

Protein helps curb snacking and satisfy hunger by giving your body more sustenance to break down. This causes the release of satiety hormones, the most significant indicator of hunger. Most dieticians will recommend that a variety of protein from both plant and animal sources is a significant step in the fight against hunger and late-night snacking. Additionally, increased protein intake has been shown to prevent cravings, an effect some scientists think is related to the function of dopamine.

Boost Metabolism and Manage Weight

Studies have shown that increased protein intake correlates with an increased metabolism and a reduction in caloric intake. It’s also been shown to support fat loss when consumed with intentional caloric restrictions, and one weight management study even showed a 50% weight gain reduction after as little as a 3% increase in protein. Furthermore, protein supplies the body with a means of enzyme creation, which in turn improves digestion. 

Among the supplements in your cabinet, protein should sit front and center. Its benefits are well-documented, and if you aren’t prone to a high-protein diet, a daily dose is likely to help you stay healthy and strong.

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