Even as some states begin Phase 1 of reopening, many are still stuck at home or, at best, locked out of the gym. It’s true that some gyms are beginning to open their doors once again, but with summer in full swing, there is no reason to coop yourself up in a germ-infested environment, especially when in-person fitness classes are still limited or non-existent. Instead, why not take your workouts out into the sun or online from the comfort of your own home. Here are just a few great ways to seize the day and make the most of your workouts this summer!


Fitness Tech

It’s not a new trend, but there is new tech out there that is revolutionizing the way we look at our workouts, our diets, and our health overall. The Mirror At-Home Virtual Trainer may come with a hefty price tag of $1495, but compared to Peloton’s $2245 Basic Package, it might just be the bargain you need to bring your fitness routine into 2020. It has Bluetooth connectivity as well was integration with the Apple Watch. But if you don’t usually workout at home, check out Lumen, a device that claims to hack your own metabolism so you get the most out of your workouts and your body. There is plenty to look forward to in the world of fitness tech in 2020, so do your own homework and find the tech that’s right for your routine.


Short, High-Frequency Workouts

It’s called HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training, and you can do it at home, at a park, or just about anywhere else you usually build a sweat. This one isn’t new either, but 2020 has HIIT-ers taking their workouts to the next level with micro-HIIT. Take those hardcore training sessions and knock them down to 20 minutes and doing them at least 3 times per week. The idea is that you crunch more bang into shorter, more frequent workouts, whether that’s on the way to work, while you’re waiting for the kids, or in your living room while your eggs scramble.


Fitness in the Park

Nature’s gym can offer just as rigorous a workout as the real gym, and people are out there getting full-body workouts at parks, on local trails, and even on the water. Spring 2020 saw more and more people cooped up at home, but summer 2020 is seeing more and more people out in nature. Use park benches for push ups, step ups, or squats. Use tree limbs for pull ups or make the path around your local pond a running track. There’s no limit to the different exercises you can do in the great outdoors, so find some space in your local area and build a sweat!


Online Fitness & Health Classes

Whether you turn to YouTube or a dedicated fitness video app, online fitness & health classes are a great supplement for any at-home workout. Smartphones make online classes easy to follow along with out in nature or in your living, and trainers are getting creative with their approach. The days of P90X are long gone. In 2020, there are dozens of different applications and YouTube channels bringing new content to users every day, and if you don’t want to subscribe or can’t afford to pay for a specific class, there is plenty of free content out on the web too. Tune in and turn up!