Whether you face infrequent tummy upset or regular IBS, there are a few tried and true methods for reducing irritation in the bowels and smoothing out your digestive flow. Sometimes, it’s a matter of quality intestinal contents, while other times stomach upset comes from too much of the stuff we like most. But either way, a little tummy focused exercise can go a long way in soothing indigestion and other forms of irritable bowel. 

Prioritize Gut Health

The gut requires a mix of good bacterias in order to keep it healthy. Probiotics are a key supplement to include in your daily diet to ensure you are getting all the proper bacteria your intestines need. Nutraceutical manufacturers craft probiotic supplements with the high-quality active ingredients that have a positive influence on your internal ecosystem. But a sufficient source of fiber, antioxidants and fluids are also essential to a happy digestive tract. Look specific for fibrous fruits and dark green veggies to ensure your tummy is happier for longer.

Avoid Trans Fats, Sugar, and Alcohol

If there are three food components to keep out of your diet, these are them. They are generally considered to have an unhealthy influence on a variety of bodily functions, but they take a unique toll on your intestinal health in particular. Natural sugars like fructose are an important part of your daily nutrition, but processed sugars or sugar in excess can cause the walls of arteries to grow thicker, leading to a variety of heart issues. Trans fats raise your cholesterol and alcohol is the number one liver killer out there. Stay away from the three and your tummy will thank you.

Move With Your Natural Flow

One of the best ways to overcome indigestion and protect against an upset stomach is physical activity. Start your day off with an exercise routine and some sort of pre- or post-workout supplement boost to launch your metabolism into gear, or hop on the treadmill after dinner to encourage healthy digestion. Keeping your body moving throughout the day, especially after meals, allows your digestive system to do its job more effectively, relying on intestinal secretion and gravity to keep your system flowing.