Organic supplements Supplementing your diet with vitamins is a great way to get the nutrients you need to be at your peak performance. But not all supplements are created equal. As consumers are becoming more and more conscious of ingredient origins and ingredients lists, they are rapidly turning toward organic supplements.

The benefits of organic supplements might not be exactly what you think. They aren’t “better” in the sense that organic supplements have a higher absorption rate in the body, or the vitamins or minerals contained in the supplements are more potent. Unfortunately, most studies show that effectiveness of supplements is not affected by their organic status.

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Here are some real benefits of organic supplements:

What does organic mean?

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. In order for a supplement to be called organic on its label, 95% of its ingredients must be organic and it must be processed in an organically certified facility. Organic ingredients are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

The demand for organic supplements is rising

One of the benefits of manufacturing an organic supplement is that demand for organic supplements is rising. The reasons for this are simple: consumers want the safety and sustainability of their products to be verified before they purchase and consume them.

Like we said earlier, organic supplements aren’t necessarily “better” for you, but they are better for the environment. Consumers want their vitamins and supplements free from contaminants, pesticides, toxic ingredients, and other harmful substances, which is why they are choosing organic supplements over all others.

Supplement ingredient sources are important

Consumer awareness of ingredient sources is on the rise, and “certified organic” means something. Athletes, nutritionists, and the general public want to be sure that the supplements they are putting in their bodies are what they say they are and do not contain something they shouldn’t.

Manufacturers like Peak Nutritional Products in south Florida go through the rigorous process of becoming a certified organic facility for exactly this reason. Supplements made there can be labeled organic (if their ingredient list also meets the requirements).

Bottom line: Organic supplements are better because they offer better consumer awareness of ingredient sources, safer farming practices, and sustainability.

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