If you want to do something new and innovative, take something you do now to the next level or eliminate some of the stress of what you are already doing, contract manufacturing could be your answer. Contract manufacturing had become so standard in the supplement industry that it’s hard to remember a time when companies made and marketed products unaided. Due to the additional costs of new regulations and the complexity of the products placed on the market, we see an increased demand for the role of the contract manufacturer.
The real benefit of using a contract manufacturer is that they have experience at all levels of its brand. While focusing on sales, marketing, and customer experience, a qualified contracted manufacturer can ensure that your products are made to your exact specifications on time and within budget. Besides, partnering with the right company will ensure that your labels are created and printed and that your products are stored in accordance with industry guidelines.

Industry Certified
In this industry, there are a number of critical certifications of natural products that a company can obtain. These certifications help customers and partners know that they meet strict quality standards. For example, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to ensure that the product in the bottle or box has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that appear on its label. At PEAK, we are a CGMP FDA registered facility.

Regulatory Training
One of the best things about working with a contract manufacturer is the fact that you do not have to understand all the regulatory aspects. Regulatory compliance is part of the partnership – they should have training plans to keep everyone in the organization up-to-date and aligned with current regulations and best practices. The best contract manufacturer can guide you through the requirements in a simple language that will help you to be sure. It also makes it easier for you to know that you can use appropriate training to eliminate the risk at every step of the process.

This is where the relationship becomes solid or crumbles. The best contact manufacturers will be open and transparent with you from beginning to end to establish and strengthen a relationship of trust and responsibility. The company’s understanding of the needs and wishes of consumers of nutritional supplements allows them to develop strategies, innovate and provide proactive solutions that can meet their goals and help them grow.

Quality Control
A quality control team is usually composed of graduate chemists, biochemists and microbiologists. When talking to a potential manufacturer, ask about their quality control team. Identify education, years of experience and different types of tests.
Quality Assurance – The correct tests and quality control procedures can only occur with the appropriate quality assurance team creating the appropriate SOPs, keeping the documents updated and continuously optimizing the processes.
Accreditations are like diplomas, affirmation, and impartial audits to measure the quality of a company. If a manufacturer discusses its quality as a differentiator, a natural follow-up is to investigate accreditations.

Contract Manufacturers gain valuable manufacturing experience given the various products they manufacture, which can help brands manage the costs of developing new formulations. When the reputation of your brand demands a manufacturer who is focused on quality manufacturing and customer service…
Reach for peak.