Who doesn’t want to have a healthy glowing skin! But for that consumption of certain minerals and vitamins are essential. Various research has shown that there are certain nutrients that can help you nourish your skin in the most natural way, such as vitamin A, C or minerals like Zinc. And it is not only through foods that you can meet the daily vitamin needs of your body, but now there are several vitamin manufacturing companies as well which can help to have these essential nutrients in the form of various supplementary products and capsules. Here are how the vitamins help you in various ways for maintaining the health of your skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to control the collagen synthesis inside the skin. The inclusion of this vitamin in your diet can reduce the chances of rough skin, the growth of corkscrew hair and serious skin diseases like scurvy. Studies have shown that the diets that have more vitamin C in them tend to lessen skin wrinkling and bestow a rather healthy skin appearance. It is also responsible for the better healing of the skin. Try including more and more citrus fruits, colorful herbs, and vegetables, which are extremely high in vitamin C or some private label vitamins to supply your body the amount of vitamin C it needs.

Vitamin A

Vital for both repairing and maintaining the health of the skin tissues, vitamin A is another crucial nutrient that is necessary for obtaining a healthy skin. This particular vitamin plays a very effective role in reducing the chances of acne while encouraging epidermal differentiation. Deficiency of it can not only make your skin dry and rough but also can make your complexion flaky.  Therefore, you need to either include rich sources of vitamin A, like egg yolks, butter, cream, oils like cod liver; or rely on various supplement manufacturing companies for their vitamin A capsules or supplements.

Vitamin E

Do you know that vitamin E, too helps in achieving a soft and supple skin? Yes, it does. Including vitamin E in your daily diet can help you get rid of dry skin. Be it some stubborn scars or extreme roughness, daily intake of vitamin E makes sure that your skin stays soft and healthy. Therefore, the more you’ll add olives, nuts, and spinach in your diet, the better your body will get this mineral.


Zinc not only helps in cell division, protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, wound healing and improving the skin’s immunity power; but also assists in transferring vitamin A into the blood. Though there are various private label supplements that can help you to meet the daily zinc requirement of your body; you can also try having foods like red meat, nuts, and pumpkin seeds, various sea foods which are direct sources of this mineral.

It has been proven that the intake of particular vitamins and minerals helps in preventing various skin issues such as wrinkles, early aging, dry skin, invasion of acne etc. Increasing the immunity power of your skin, these nutrients play a crucial role in dramatically improving your skin health, from dull and damaged to healthy and glowing.