The stressful events of 2020 and the ongoing pandemic have upturned lives across the globe, particularly here in the United States, where mental health has seen a severe decline. Consumers are turning to supplements as a way to stay healthy and support their body and brain as life slowly returns to normal. And significant predictors are suggesting that the trend will continue throughout 2021 and into the 2-3 years.

Among the most popular trends, standard vitamin supplements, like Vitamin D, as well as broader multivitamin supplements, are seeing an uptick in the market. Consumers are more commonly seeking out support through supplements that can positively affect several aspects of their health at once.

Vitamin D

According to recent projections, the vitamin D market is likely to see an increase of 7.2% by 2025, putting it ahead of most other common vitamin supplements. It’s garnered a lot of attention in the last year as a potential aid in the fight against COVID-19, but beyond that, its overall benefit to the body and brain is much more well-known than it once was, making it a top choice for consumers. In particular, vitamin D has been shown to support bone, skin and mental health, along with the immune system.

Immunity Supplements

Unsurprising is the rise in the immunity supplement market. With the current pandemic, consumers are more conscious of their health, and their immune system, than ever before. Many of these include ingredients like vitamin C, zinc, B complex, and selenium. Some experts are suggesting that medicinal mushrooms could become part of this trend, with projections showing the mushroom industry growing to a quarter billion dollars by 2026.

Stress Supplements

Mental health has seen severe declines nationwide, across all demographics. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the COVID-19 pandemic has had the greatest impact. Many consumers have seen their lives flipped upside down, and they are turning to stress supplements to help ease the effects of stress in their day-to-day lives. These supplements commonly include B complex vitamins, melatonin, L-theanine, valerian, and chamomile, but they can have a wide range of ingredients that help alleviate anxiety and mental stress.

Pet Nutrition

According to Future Market Insights, pet dietary supplements are expected to near $4 billion by the end of 2021, and it’s expected that the trend will continue into the next couple of years. Pet nutrition is particularly popular in regard to easing anxiety, but it’s also commonly used to aid skin ailments and support digestive health. One theory is that consumers are spending more time with their pets during the pandemic, leading to greater awareness of their pets’ ailments.