When you choose a supplement to go with your fitness routine, keep your muscles in mind. Having a variety of muscle-healthy vitamins the morning before a workout can prove beneficial to your workout and support your body’s recovery. Muscle growth, coordination and sustained mass can all be affected by your nutrition, and nutraceuticals can be a great way to get your daily dose without fretting over the precise foods you are eating. Here are a few vitamins to keep in mind if you want to focus on muscle health. 

Vitamin D

Studies are finding vitamin D to have a positive impact on a variety of bodily functions, including muscle health. It’s an essential vitamin for the elderly community, as it promotes nutrient absorption and helps sustain muscle mass. But vitamin D is important to muscle health at all ages, and it can be a valuable supplement to add to your routine if you are hoping to build some muscle at the gym.

Vitamin B12

Key to communications between the muscles and brain, vitamin B12 can help improve coordination and muscle performance and growth. It also delivers oxygen to the muscles and forms red blood cells.

Vitamin A

Protein synthesis relies on vitamin A and is a vital component in muscle growth. It supports the production of testosterone, and it is thought to provide structural support for your muscles. Keep in mind that your body can easily lose vitamin A through alcohol or illness, so having a supplement on-hand or as part of your daily routine will ensure you don’t become deficient. 

Vitamin E

When we exercise, our muscles create oxidative stress, which releases free radicals into our body. Vitamin E helps clear out free radicals and combat this stress. Furthermore, it can repair the plasma membranes of muscle cells, helping keep them alive and your muscles healthy and strong.


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