pexels-photo-795972Spring is nearly here! The first three months of the year can be tiresome and stressful. Many of us are feeling low after getting back to work after the holidays, and as the winter brings cold weather, it can be hard to stay active and diet-conscious. But with spring around the corner, there is no excuse to break out your hiking books and sun glasses for a little fresh air and healthy eating.

Go for a Hike

A growing trend in mental health is forest bathing, the notion of simply spending time in nature and allowing it to engage your senses. It’s a practice in mindfulness that helps refocus and refresh the brain. Additionally, some good old fashioned exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, staves off respiratory issues, strengthens the body, and improves blood pressure. Not to mention, hiking specifically engages a wider variety of muscles in the body as well as a more varied heart-rate. When cleaning out the winter cobwebs, don’t forget to get out for some hiking in nature.

Soak Up the Sun

Nutritional supplement manufacturers know better than anyone that the haze of winter can be devastating for vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is critical to bone growth and supports a healthy immune system. But more than that, sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, supporting better sleep and reducing stress. And sunshine has even been heralded as a mood boost, releasing serotonin in the brain.

Try Spring Cooking

Adding some spring foods to your diet can be a great way to revitalize your nutrition for a bright, new season. Popular spring foods include artichokes, which lower cholesterol and supply your body with vitamin C and folic acid, while mint is a powerful spring antioxidant that can relieve spring allergies. Radishes are a great option as well, acting as a detoxifier for the stomach and liver.