You made it to 2022! It’s a new year and that means a new you is on the horizon. Among the most popular resolutions, a renewed dedication to health and fitness is at the top of most of our lists. Nutraceutical manufacturers are all too familiar with the seasonal demands for sports nutrition. After all, with so many food rich holidays, we tend to put on a few extra pounds between Halloween and New Year’s Eve. It’s no surprise our first thought in the new year is shedding that extra weight and regaining a sense of health and wellness in our lives.

By narrowing our focus and keeping goals measurable and timely, we can begin to establish a routine and strive toward a balance of nutrition and exercise that we can sustain throughout the year.

Keep Your Goals Specific & Measurable

In order to effectively track your goal, you not only need to know what you’re tracking and you need to know how to measure your progress. For instance, a nutritional goal to consistently take a dietary supplement such as 100 mg of vitamin C every day for a month. A fitness goal may be to start every weekend strength workout with a sports supplement like a 16 oz protein shake. In each example, the goal specifies what exactly needs to be done in what quantity at what frequency. This gives you variables to track and adjust accordingly as you assess your goal over time.

Establish a Timeline & Routine

Once you’ve set your goal, you’ll want to make a plan of attack. It’s not enough to just say you are going to lead a healthy lifestyle. Positive change is the name of the game. After all, it is a new year, and that means it’s a new you. Set realistic expectations for yourself as far as making progress on your goal. You can’t expect to have the perfect diet or routine right out of the gate, and it’s okay to work up to your full stride.

Building a sustainable routine is essential to lifestyle changes, and while it may be a bummer to cut out some of those red meats you like, protein supplements and other nutraceuticals can help you fill the gaps in your nutrition as you refocus your diet. Take the time to write out your broader ideas for the year, and then zoom in to design a routine that considers not only nutrition but also physical fitness.